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Yannis "The Loner"

About Me

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Artist Summary

Genres: Rock / Funk / Blues / Hard Rock / Instrumental / Heavy Metal


Artist Bio

Yannis "The Loner" is a guitar player from Athens (Greece). Guitarist and singer of "Still I'm Sad" and "The Lazy Drones" (X-Poeme) bassist, Yannis "The Loner" has been into the music-stuff for over three decades, releasing many albums and performing his songs live all over Greece since 1999. From 2008 until 2014 he has released the following solo albums based on guitar:

A Note From The Past (classic rock)

A Rich Beggar In A Land Of Poor (acoustics)

3. Tears In The Hands Of Time (hard rock)

4. Derailed Funk (funk-blues-jazz)

5. Still I'm Sad (rock)

6. A New Day Dawning (all kind of styles!!!)

7. The Loneliest Spectator (best of...)

8. Shadow of a Dream

9. Weather Report (May 2013)

10. Denied to be covered (February 2014)

11. Terminal Station (June 2014)


After 4 years of silence, a new mini album "Asian Dream" is now out (August 2018)! My Taylor Guitar:



Former bands:

Still I'm Sad , The Lazy Drones (X-Poeme) , Music Acoustic Mode , Shoot 'em Up , Διαχρονικοί, Broken Heart, Heaven's Spirit, Tears Of Destiny, The Loners, Κέρινοι Και Ρεί, Αθώοι-Ένοχοι, Ω.Ψ.Χ., S.H.A.M.E. and many more...


electrick and acoustic guitars & vocals & keys & bass & mandolin & drums & ...

Lyrics and music…